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Bantams   Bantams 
Barred Plymouth Rocks   Barred Plymouth Rocks 
Brahmas   Brahmas 
Broilers   Broilers 
Buff Rocks   Buff Rocks 
Buttercup or Sicilian Buttercup   Buttercup or Sicilian Buttercup 
Cochin Bantam or Pekin   Cochin Bantam or Pekin 
Cochins or Chinese Shanghai   Cochins or Chinese Shanghai 
Cornish   Cornish 
Javas   Javas 
Jersey Giants aka Jersey Black Giants   Jersey Giants aka Jersey Black Giants 
Junglefowl   Junglefowl 
Leghorns   Leghorns 
Lincolnshire Buffs   Lincolnshire Buffs 
More Chickens>>   More Chickens>> 

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